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Interactive Digital Signage and Electronic Solutions

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Micro Industries is a technology company, driven by engineers. Let us develop a product or solution for your specific OEM needs. Choose from our selection of interactive digital signage or use our electronic manufacturing services (EMS) to create a solution for your exact application.

Interactive Digital Signage Displays Made in the USA

Micro Industries manufactures interactive digital signage touchscreen computer displays right here in Ohio. The management system of our manufacturing facility has been registered to ISO 9001:2008. Micro Industries leads the industry with its deep commitment to quality and the preservation of the environment, as exemplified by our closed-loop, zero-discharge manufacturing facility and nearly 100 percent recycling of solid waste.

New Touch&Go Computer Catalog Now Available

Our newest Touch&Go catalog is now available. Check out all of the different digital lollipops and applications that are now available. Email us to let us know you'd like one and we'll send one your way along with a sweet treat. And tell us what you're working on. We'd like to help.

Rentals Now Available!

Due to increased demand for interactive digital signage for parties, events, corporate meetings, sporting events, exhibit booths and conventions, mCosm has launched a rental program for Touch&Go Digital Lollipops®.  Rent a Digital Lollipop for a day, a week, a month or a quarter for upcoming trade shows, parties, or conventions without a large financial commitment.  Allow your clients to experience an entirely new dimension through interactive digital signage that can be anything from our popular social networking camera application to wayfinding to product information.  With our extensive application library, we are sure you will be able to find an application that fits your needs and improves the brand experience for clients and customers.

Touch&Go Digital Lollipops are Big, Bold and Brilliant!

We offer an extensive line of Digital Lollipops in Landscape and Portrait! There's a size and format for just available for every environment. Big enough for use in large open environments. 

Thanks "design:retail" for coming to Columbus!

Micro Industries was very pleased to help sponsor design:retail's  Columbus CitySCENE Event. It was nice meeting you all at Miranova on August 28. Hope you had a great time. And remember, our digital lollipops are great to engage consumers in-store and at trade shows and special events. We can have you up and running in as little as a couple of weeks. Email us!