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mCast Toolkit for Digital Playlists

Create, deploy and change digital media “on the fly”.

mCast is a digital signage playlist software solution that allows you to create, deploy and change digital media “on the fly”. With a simple to use web tool, you can refresh in-store promotions and digital signage content across locations by dynamically changing specific computer screens, multiple touchpoints and dynamic templates in real-time. 

mCast delivers consumer oriented strategic marketing and promotional programs through a secure IP network to ensure that the right content reaches the right location at the right time. Using Touch&Go Messenger® computers, Touch&Go Enterprise™, and mCast playlist toolkit, retailers can create, manage and control promotional content – simply and efficiently – throughout a store or chain, cost effectively and at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Using a web-based tool, you can:

  • Create, deliver and manage media rich, dynamic digital signage in real-time through an on-line web portal.
  • Enhance consumer marketing and interactive applications with changeable attract loops and screen savers.
  • Enjoy ultimate flexibility so you can play the content you want, when you want it, exactly where you want it.
  • Support multiple media formats such as stills, mpg, Flash, and live CCTV feedcontent on a variety of computer screen sizes.
  • Change it “on the fly”. In-store associates change text and pictures on screen during the day to dynamically promote products or post last minute announcements.
  • Avoid expensive agency fees by using industry standard digital graphic design tools to produce your own content.
  • Have continuous operation of the displays, even when the network goes down.
  • Publish your media to ultra bright, high-def computers in a variety of screen sizes.